External crossover box

Note:   It is pretty difficult to get good access to the HF & LF panel tabs.  This assembly procedure must be carefully planned to avoid frustration.  Took me one hour using mirrors and flashlight to push the female connectors on to the tabs because the external crossover box was in the way..

Find or build a box that can comfortably hold the components.   A box 13.5" long, by 6" wide, and 5" to 6 " deep, will fit nicely on the existing steel legs.  Photo below shows scale drawing of a 13.5 x 6 box.  Note the black stripe denotes the end with the striped lead

Note that the HF and LF panel connections are reversed so you want to build the right crossover box as a mirror image of the left one

xomock.jpg (60107 bytes)

Pour in a layer of sand or other damping material into the box

Place a board or a layer of polyethylene bubble sheet on top of the sand.  Styrofoam  Peanuts can also be used

Connect components together and solder

Place components in box, support with bubble sheet or styrofoam peanuts as necessary

Do not cover or bury components / wiring in sand or other dense material, this will dramatically adversely effect the sound.  Poor sonics have also been experienced with caps and inductors sitting on 1" MDF.  It seems that the caps and inductors really need as much air around them as possible for the best sonic results !

Mounting alternatives for box - mount on Maggie legs with vibrapods or spike to floor


Full width Box which sits on Maggie legs by Ed

Crossover below has left switch for choosing between stock shunt cap and Solen /Hovland shunt combo, right switch connects/disconnects 0.1 mfd tweeter bypass cap, box made from 1/4" Lucite, Analysis Plus Oval 12 wiring, Vampire BP Hex

xotop.jpg (60141 bytes)

Not so good, as caps and inductor are partially buried in sand

xo35.jpg (61474 bytes)

Football Display Case used by Mike

Audioquest type 8 wire, Vampire BP Hex posts, aquarium coral - disasterous for the sound, now everything supported with styrofoam peanuts and the sound is wonderful.

xoblue.jpg (129533 bytes)

Compact Box prototype example by Mike

Note use of solder tab washers - not good practice

xo_proto.jpg (70984 bytes)