Taking the sock off or Lifting the sock up (thanks to Paco for these instructions)

Lay speaker face down on a table on bench

Remove screws holding legs

Carefully pry off the left and right wood trim strips. When removing the trims, you have to be very careful not to break them.  The only way to do it seems to be by introducing a flat screwdriver between the trim and the maggie and pry it off, step by step

Most of the nails remain on the maggie, but some of them remain on the trim, so it is important to label each of the
four trims, including the position (up, down),  so you can reinstallthem in their original places

Removing the staples is easy, but be careful not to damage the fabric; the same flat screwdriver can be used with good results; one pin of each staple out is enough: after that, you can use the pliers; there are two rows of staples, over 20 each

When taking the socks off, first thing to do is unscrew the speaker terminal / fuse plate (there is a hole in the fabric);
the main concern is to avoid damaging the fabric with the heads of the nails, which have remained in their original places;
don't forget the isolated staples which are located just on the top, each side.

To gain full access to the HF and LF panel connections to the crossover, another stronger piece of fabric should be removed, it is small and is simply glued to the wood.