Wiring Diagram and Component Polarity


The Hovland Musicaps have one lead with a blue stripe which is attached to the inner center of the cap foil coil.  The plain lead is connected to the outermost part of the cap foil.  The tweeter caps are connected series with a driver, so we want the inner striped lead to be closest to the driver, and the plain lead farthest away from the driver.

The signal travels from amp to cap outer lead, through the cap, exits from the inner lead and then goes to the driver, thereby minimizing any electrical noise pickup from the caps

Make sure that the woofer shunt cap is on the side closest to the speaker (output of the inductor).  Placing it on the amplifier side will result in a near short at high frequencies and possible amplifier damage


The inductor inner lead should be connected closest to woofer panel, the outer lead should be closest to the amp / speaker terminals fro the same electrical noise pickup reason

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1.6 Crossover Schematic

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