Bob Ed Larry Mark Mike Ric Vikram
Phono Cart Blue point


M-B Glider HO


Dynavector DV-20XL Grado Sonata
TT Rega Planar 3 /RB300 Linn LP 12/ ET4 arm
DAC DIY with AD1890 jitter TPC DAC 2.5 + OPA627 CAL Alpha 24/96 Lexicon MC1 Camelot Arthur V3.0 Monarchy 22 w/ Stan Warren mods Theta M22 w/ mods
Interconnect Silver Sonic Silver Bullet 4.0 Silver Stream Transparent Ultra Homegrown Super Silver DIY MIT 330+
CAT 5 braided AQ Ruby Pure Silver Sound Octet Nordhost Blue Heaven
Kimber PBJ
Pre Amp VTV 6SN7 / PAS3 Adcom GFP750 Aud ILL M3A


BAT VK3i/ Mus Ref RM4 MC w/ mods Wright Sound Aud ILL - L1
Amp ST70 monoblocks Bel Canto Evo 2002 AR VT100MkII EAD 2000 Muse 160 Mk II N.E.W. DC-66/DCA-20 Sunfire Grand 4 ch bi amp
S cable top Audio Q F-14 Analysis + 12 Analysis + 12 Transparent Musicwave Analysis + 9 DIY Alpha Core MI 2
cable bottom Silver Sonic T-14 Analysis + 12 Analysis + 12 Transparent Ultra Analysis + 12 DIY Alpha Core MI 2
Subwoofer 2 x Vandy 2W Monitor Audio ASW 210 Hsu VTF-2 not used REL Strata III
Power cond DIY line filters PS P300 PS P300 with Multiwave Monster HGS200 PS P300 Mondo trans  w/ filter Audio Prism Foundation III
Room d x w 14 x 20 18 x 13 14 x 23 "L" 22 x 12 14 x 19 25 x 15 19 x 14
Floor carpet Wood carpet wood + rug carpet on wood carpet carpet
Ceiling sheetrock acoustic tile acoustic goop plaster acoustic tile arched wood
Front wall sheetrock, drapes Sheetrock, fabric blind plaster, shutters plaster sheetrock, drapes part open wood
Back wall sheetrock, drapes Book shelves open plaster doors with sonex drapes wood
Side walls sheetrock, drapes sheetrock, shelves plaster plaster, mirror sheetrock drapes, treatment wood, shelves
Room Treat couches

2 x 5 tube noodle lens

3 x Argent room lens

Sonex foam

3 x 3 tube pipe lens

misc J Risch room lens, bass traps
Music jazz, class, rock, folk pop, class, jazz class, pop, instr pop, jazz pop, electronic, jazz jazz, rock rock, jazz, metal

Last Updated on 09/171/2000
By Edward Hsu