Mounting components internally

Remove existing components by cutting the plastic ties

Unplug existing wires from speaker panels.  You may need to push the crossover mounting board down slightly to get better access to the tabs.  The crosover mounting board is only lightly glued to the frame.  Treat the exposed panel tabs with Caig Pro Gold.

Remove excess solder from existing solder tabs.  Use solder wick (available from Radio Shck) or wire braid to absorb the solder when heated with  a soldering iron. DO NOT do this with the speaker panels lying flat.  Only do this with the speakers vertically upright to avoid molten solder dropping down and burning a hole in the front grill fabric

Prepare the new wires for connecting to the panels.  Use new female push tabs.   Crimp or solder the new wire to the tabs.  If you choose to crimp the new wire to the connector, treat the wire and connector with Caig Pro Gold.  You can use one of the striped cap leads as the wire going to the tab that was connected to the blue wire.    In this case you want to remove the insulation from the striped lead 1 inch away fron the cap for a distance 1/2 an inch as well as at the end where the female tab is connected.  The 1/2 inch gap in the insulation is used for connecting the striped leads from the other two caps

Treat the female tabs with Caig Pro Gold and then push them on to their respective speaker panel tabs

Place inductor in right side of crossover opening.  inject Silcone II glue on the top, right side and bottom of the coil next to the frame. Do not apply glue too thickly or else it will take a very long ime to dry, instead make two applications with adequate drying time in between.

Place caps in left side of opening and use Silicnoe II glue between caps and crossover board.  Hold in place with masking tape whilst drying.

Complete wiring, following schematic CAREFULLY

Mount new new binding posts

Connect new wires to binding posts