Wiring, Binding Post, Tab connector, Box, Solder, Sand and Glue Choices

Wiring - single conductor length - 12 feet for external XO,   6 feet internal XO

Recommended to replace orginal wire.  Maggies are so revealing that every hook up wire sounds different !  What's good for treble may not be good for bass.  Strongly recommended to hook up the caps and inductors using the original wires first, then test / audition the wire you plan to use.

DH Labs silver plated copper, popular economical choice
Cardas enammelled Litz - ends must be tinned in a solder pot, great reputation, available from Welbourne Labs [WL] and Parts Connection [PC]
Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker wire, very good speaker cable, used by Von Schweikert, available by the foot for $6.00/ft available direct.  Photo below, plastic core cut back, twisted, crimped ready to solder

aplslead.jpg (38718 bytes)

CAT 5 wire (Belden 1585), RadioShack.com [RS],  not recommended for woofer
Alpha Core MI 1 or 2 flat foil, not so easy to work with, a little dry sounding for tweeter, very good bass
Garth Silver, supposed to be great for bass

Cover any bare areas of wire with Polyolefin Heatshrink.  Avoid using PVC heat shrink

Binding Posts (price for 2 speakers bi wire)

Highly recommended to replace.  Stock banana sockets are nickel plated steel which probably do not sound too good given the poor performance of the nickel steel jumpers.  Multiway binding posts will allow use of spade connector speaker wires

Edison Price - $ 90, solid copper, reputedly the best sounding, needs to be protected from oxidation [PC]
Cardas CCBP- $100, unplated copper - CCGR $ 130 silver/rhodium post with Gold nut [WL, PC] and Michael Percy [MP]
Vampire BP HEX - $ 50 Gold, silver and copper plating over brass [WL, PC, MP]
WBT Topline - $ 160, 5 layer gold, - Midline $ 100, 3 layer gold [WL, PC]



Choices for box material are wood, plastic (1/4" Lucite is suitable typical cost $ 30 from a Plastic Fabricator - checl local Yellow Pages), aluminium or cardboard.  Do not use iron or steel.   The inductor generates considerable magnetic fields which steel box would affect


Tab Connectors (Automotive Style)

Must replace if rewiring, as orginals are crimped on
Do not use gold female tabs as 1.6's panels have tinned male tabs.  These dis-similar metals have corrosion problems
Tinned female connectors available from Radio Shack stores and Automobile Audio retailers


Contact Treatment

Highly recommended

Caig Pro Gold



Hovland recommend lead free solder

Lead Free solders I have found are Wako made in Japan and available from Audio Advisor

and Radio Shack 4% silver

Other good solders are
WBT 4 % silver [WL, PC]
Wonder by TRT [WL, PC]
Do not use Radio Shack 2% Silver Solder which has lead in it



Sand must be dry and free from any magnetic particles,   The finer the sand the better the damping. 

Kiln dried sand from Hardware Centers is very inexpensive but comes in 50 lb bags. 

Reptile sand from Petco is very fine but very expensive, $ 11.00  for a 10 lb bag !


GE Silicone II - no acetic acid.  Do not use regular Silicone adhesive as the acetic acid is corrosive

Do not use hot glue as the heat may damage cap and inductor insulation