Maggie 1.6 Capacitor and Inductor Upgrade Instructions

Note : Status of factory warranty is unclear after making any of these modifications
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What's special about Maggie 1.6's, Hovland Caps, Foil inductors and sonic changes
                    you can expect (updated 26th Jan 2002 Jensen caps)

Reviews by Owners who have carried out the upgrade (report from Phil 25 Jan 2002)

Systems of Owners who have carried out the upgrade

       Jeff's XO and stand

       Paul's modded Maggies

How much does it cost ?

Decisons to be made, Bi or Single Wire, Internal or External, Bypass Cap,
                    Sand Damping, Fuse or not ?

Wire, Binding Post, Tab connector, Box, Solder, Sand and Glue Choices

Gaining Access to existing crossover
                 Cutting rear fabric
                 Taking sock off

Labelling after the crossover is exposed

Wiring Diagram and Polarity for caps and inductors

Internal mounting Cap and Inductor

External mounting Cap and Inductor

Checking your work, testing and burning in time

Room Treatment - see some examples

Other Tweaks

Magnepan Users Group

MG 3.6 suggestions